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Welcome to the home of solo travel. There is nothing quite like travelling solo in the World these days. Having the freedom to go where you want and when you want is an awesome feeling.

We are going to host a number of articles about solo travel, particularly focusing on destinations where solos will never feel alone!

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Between the spokes of a long-retired bicycle wheel. I was squatting, making my own shade. Sobbing.

In the town of Olinda, in northeast Brazil, I was halfway through a four-month, solo surfing exploration down the Central and South American coastline. I was frustrated, physically exhausted, and crumbling. I had just left the condo I intended to stay in for the duration of Carnival, the annual pre-Easter celebrations, because it didn’t feel right. My flatmates, fellow tourists, were simply too eager to party. My gut told me something bad was going to happen, and I wasn’t going to wait around to find out.

Pacing at the local bus stop, I ferociously ripped out the dandelion weeds, fighting through tears. A group of glass-eyed teenage boys in neon Nike shirts eyed me, amused. It was at that moment that I realized everywhere in Olinda would be sold out for Carnival. I knew my host in Maceió, my next destination, was flexible, so I hoped to head there early. But I had no way of contacting him, no way of knowing if he was even there. So I waited and waited for a ride out of town.

Except the bus out of town never came. It was Carnival, and the long-haul buses weren’t running.

This was far from the surfing adventure I had imagined.

A weepy mess, I realized I had unwittingly attached a huge amount of symbolism to my present condition; I seemed to lack some innate characteristic that this particular journey demanded. I was failing. And then the sun began to lower in the sky.

I was traveling with two surfboards, a duffel bag, three cameras, five lenses, and a laptop — over 200 pounds of gear. It was now dusk, and there was no place to go and no bus in sight.

Was I foolish for traveling alone? Should I have just stayed home?

No, I told myself, I belong here.

Last month, the bodies of two Argentine backpackers, Marina Menegazzo, 21, and María José Coni, 22, were found stuffed in plastic bags and dumped on the beach in Montañita, on Ecuador’s Pacific coast. According to media reports, the two women were raped and killed by two men, who reportedly said they were going to help the women with accommodation.

The news was heartbreaking. These women were seeing the world, and I’m certain, learning about themselves in the process. But the aftermath of their deaths was arguably even more tragic.

The response that emerged on social media was upsetting, yet all too familiar: Menegazzo and Coni were blamed for their own murders. Many online commenters suggested that by traveling “alone” — without the company of men — the women had invited trouble.

Paraguayan student Guadalupe Acosta responded to the victim-blaming by penning a Facebook post from the imagined perspective of Menegazzo and Coni as they were being raped and murdered. "But worse than death was the humiliation which came after," the post reads. As of March 23, it has been shared more than 730,000 times.

Ricocheting through social media platforms, women worldwide have responded to the criticism and victim-shaming with #viajosola, or “I travel alone.” They have posted pictures, explaining why it’s necessary for them to see the world, and defending their right to explore without harassment or discrimination.

Top Three Solo Destinations for 2016

Dublin, Ireland Solo Travel

The town that was settled by Vikings has become one of the most amazing destinations in Europe. Dublin is situated in the province of Leinster near the midpoint of Ireland’s east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey and the centre of the Dublin Region.

What You Should Do While There: Expand your mind in one of the several museums that Dublin has to offer. The surplus of rich culture and history may surprise you. And you, of course, have to check out the Guinness Storehouse. It’s like Disneyland for beer lovers. And the FOOD. Make sure you visit Dublin on an empty stomach.
Cost: Fairly pricey. Hotel bargains can be found and there’s plenty of hostels to choose from with good locations, but your location might cost you. Some of the more famous attractions are on the more expensive side, but there’s plenty to see in Dublin that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Food won’t be as cheap as some cities, but it WILL be delicious.
Ease Of Travel: Easy. You can jump on the coastal train (DART) to explore just outside of Dublin or use the extensive public buses to get all around the city. If you prefer, you can also bike or walk as everything is fairly close.

Potential Safety Concerns: Just as safe as any European city. Take the usual necessary precautions.We have been searching out decent travel insurance for the  over 80s cover for all our older travellers as it can be expensive!

Taipei Solo Travel 

Situated at the northern tip of Taiwan, Taipei is located on the Tamsui River. Taipei lies in the Taipei Basin.
What You Should Do While There: Check out the amazing night markets. Just imagine hundreds of street-food carts and pop-up stores all in a 10-block stretch. Experience the food, the fashion, the culture — all for a pretty decent price. If you’re looking to escape the city buzz, Taipei has several amazing day hiking destinations right in the city. What else could you need?
Cost: There is no shortage of cash machines that accept foreign cards. Beyond that, Taipei is a very large city with things in nearly every price range, but some tourists might find it to be on the expensive side compared with mainland China. Still cheaper than Japan, it’s quite possible to get by on very little once you arrive in Taipei.
Ease Of Travel: Buses are a great intercity travel option. There are also several companies that run bus travel with more luxury and higher pricing to get from point A to point B.
Potential Safety Concerns: Petty theft. While the general crime rate in the rest of Taiwan is said to be increasing or staying the same, the crime rate in Taipei is actually decreasing. Taipei has a reputation of being very friendly and helpful to tourists of all kinds.

Toronto Solo Travel 

Located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto has a rich history underneath a thriving city.
What You Should Do While There: Take a moment to escape the city life for a day and explore the Toronto islands. Easily hop a ferry and head to the collection of eight islands. They offer a welcoming green atmosphere beyond the cityscape that is Toronto. There are no cars on the island, so enjoy a nice stroll or bike. And while in the city, check out the St. Lawrence Market — possibly one of the best in the world.

Cost: Prices in Toronto are comparable to that of L.A. or NYC and while hotels can be pricey, they’re generally within walking distance to great city features.
Ease Of Travel: The public transportation system is extensive and very affordable. Otherwise, walking and biking will suffice.
Potential Safety Concerns: Downtown Toronto is considered pretty safe. But some sites recommend that travelers avoid straying too far from downtown into the outer neighborhoods.


A recent survey, the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index 2013, revealed that Bangers is the world's best tourist destination among 132 cities worldwide. These cities were ranked based on the number of their total international visitor arrivals and the spending by these visitors in the destination.

Bangkok has emerged as the number one city for travel with an estimate of 15.98 million tourists. London, the previous holder of the top place, is forecasted to have 15.96 million visitors and Paris, in third, is expected to have 13.92 million.

According to Lim Phing Phing, owner of the popular travel website,, "It is not surprising that Bangkok claims the title of the world's most visited city. The variety of shopping malls, chic bars, ancient temples and delicious street food are attractions that suit just about any type of travelers."

"In fact, Bangkok is usually the first overseas destination many young Singaporeans would have in mind when they plan to travel, followed by Hong Kong and Tokyo," she added.

Thailand's recent political stability and the convenience provided by the new expansion of the Bangkok Mass Transit System are making Bangkok more alluring to tourists. The demand for hotel rooms has increased over the past year and Bangkok's hotels are enjoying an 80 percent occupancy rate on average.

Below are the results of the top 10 cities of which, Asia bagged four winning entries:

1. Bangkok 
2. London 
3. Paris 
4. Singapore 
5. New York 
6. Istanbul 
7. Dubai 
8. Kuala Lumpur 
9. Hong Kong

One Day Solo in San Francisco

A combine of bushy old Chia Pets area unit blasting Wham's "Careless Whisper" from a replacement age stereo system. A cluster of Latino immigrants is fishing and drinking cans of Tecate simply steps aloof from a male paddleball player in an exceedingly tight speedo with a Taliban-style beard and his long hair force in an exceedingly Samurai-style roll. a young person with a map of European country and Herzegovina tattooed on his chest is enjoying a joint, not that anyone cares. A tattooed guy in an exceedingly point of entry Giants hat is taking part in the bongo drums whereas simply up the beach close to the rocky foot of the strait Bridge, a bevy of browned men, and one eccentric wife with bright orange hair stroll the beach within the buff. there's no higher place to immerse San Francisco's pleasant eccentricity than Baker Beach on a heat, sunny day.

Muddy Waters once mentioned point of entry in song as "mean previous dirty Frisco," however my experiences with town by the Bay over the last twenty years have perpetually been considerably a lot of positive. i am perpetually probing for AN excuse to go to point of entry, therefore once the chance arose to accompany with my adult female on a business trip, I jumped at the possibility. Here's however I spent twenty four hours within the town with 2 very little boys, ages three and five.
9 p.m.

At first North American countryed to be} to a small degree bummed once my adult female aware ME that the corporate she was visiting engaged us into AN Embassy Suites in South point of entry (which bills itself because the birthplace of biotechnology) close to the landing field, however it clad to be a decent place to explore town on a budget. they need free parking, a rare treat in these components, and therefore the place is a smaller amount than a mile from Grand Avenue, that is full of a range of tempting and low-cost ethnic restaurants, together with Mexican, Thai, Brazilian, Mediterranean, Chinese and Vietnamese. I picked up takeout from to a small degree place referred to as mount Tre Vietnamese Homestyle culinary art and that we feasted on BBQ Pork spring rolls and a tasty Garlic Noodle BBQ chicken dish ($20 all told) within the sleeping room whereas our boys crashed on the retreat couch within the lounge.

8 a.m.

I love however Pacific civil time will flip an evening bird of night like ME into a morning person virtually nightlong. i used to be up at six a.m. however felt like i might slept in, and when a mediocre however free breakfast at the building, the boys and that i were on the road heading to strait Park, San Francisco's bucolic one,000-acre inexperienced heaven. The rub with staying within the burbs has to endure traffic heading into the city; however we have a tendency to created it to the park by nine a.m. and simply snagged a free place to park right close to the park's century previous Japanese garden.

It was a wonderful day, sunny and heat and therefore the park was full of joggers and Chinese senior voters taking their morning constitutionals. I paid $7 every to wander within the luxurious botanic and Japanese Tea Gardens (the Japanese Garden would are free if it had been a Monday, weekday or Fri, once it's free from 9-10 a.m) and so let the boys chase when birds and ducks on the walk around pack Lake. At their urging, we have a tendency to additionally hit one in every of the park's playgrounds however ne'er created it to the carousel, the Buffalo pen or any of the parks different attractions as a result of i used to be too wanting to hit the beach.

11 a.m.

We drove through the park and scored another free parking spot simply across the road from Ocean Beach, that on this Th morning was gloriously empty, save a smattering of sun worshippers and frolicking dogs. James, my 3-year-old, took his shoes off, mamma his toes within the sand and did to a small degree happy dance, joyfully running round the beach in a circle. With the sun out and therefore the waves blooming in, it absolutely was simple to relate.

1:30 p.m.

After defrayment AN hour creating by removal tunnels and creating sand castles, my sons right away crashed as presently as we have a tendency to got in within the automobile, therefore I took the chance to require a slow, circuitous drive through state capital, the fort, Pacific Heights and Russian Hill on the way to North Beach, a traditionally Italian-American neighborhood that was once the stomping ground of San Francisco's Beat writers.

North Beach is one in every of my favorite neighborhoods within the country for strolling, however somehow i might ne'er been to Molinari Delicatessen, that has been on Columbus Avenue since 1896. it is a gloriously old-school place - their house-made sausage and sausage links suspend from the ceiling and therefore the intoxicating aroma of meat and cheese hits you the instant you step through the door. I had a sandwich with prosciutto, Molinari sausage, provolone and sun dried tomatoes on contemporary focaccia bread that was out of this world.

4:30 p.m.

After to a small degree siesta/work break at the building, we have a tendency to picked up my adult female and drove to Baker Beach, that must be one in every of the foremost picturesque town beaches within the country. except for the alone folks looking at delineated on top of, there's the read of the ocean, the hills within the distance and therefore the strait Bridge. On AN unseasonably heat day, it appeared like the complete town was there, some clothed, some naked, several with picnics, wine and brewage.

6:30 p.m.

The read of the strait Bridge within the distance from Baker Beach is tempting however the vistas get even higher a mile north on the fort Coastal path.

7:30 p.m.

Even when taking walks on the beach and on the fort Coastal path, I still struggled to end the huge, delicious grilled fish dish ($7.95) at Nick's tender Tacos, that is found within a full of life bar referred to as Rouge SF that has $4 pints throughout time of day.

9:00 p.m.

We worked off our dinners with a protracted rehearse North Beach, that was alive with panhandlers, cute folks feeding al fresco and much of motorists circling the neighborhood probing for elusive parking spots. (It took ME a [*fr1] hour to search out a spot myself.) And once it absolutely was time to eat once more, we have a tendency to repaired to Gelateria Naia, a gelato place on Columbus Avenue. I dear the unconventional choice however we have a tendency to thought that the gelato, that has nearly 700 glowing reviews on Yelp was overrated. however if the worst factor you'll be able to say a few place is that your artisanal gelato wasn't creamy enough, which you've got a "Careless Whisper" earworm, you're in an exceedingly} very special place so.


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